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Did Cardi B just put a bounty on somebody’s head? Yes she did.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Cardi B posted a photo of a bald caucasian man on her official Instagram page asking people to help her identify and find him. Initially she offered a 10 thousand dollar reward for anyone’s help locating this man. She then edited her caption saying that she is simply going to give “a reward” without specifying the amount.

She took the post down an hour later but your girl got a screenshot!

In an Instagram story she recorded about half a day after the posted and took down the photo, she explained what this man did.

Cardi explains that her cousin picked up a hitchhiker who claimed his car broke down and was in need of a ride. She said her cousin is a very nice person and it is so upsetting how people take advantage of people’s kindness (I agree).

The hitchhiker then robbed her cousin a gunpoint in the car, and then proceeded to ask him to drive mindlessly for 30 more minutes. He then exited the car and ran away.

She claimed she posted the suspect’s photo on Instagram because she wanted to harness the power of social media and the police were taking too long to find him. She emphasises that clearly she did not want to put a hit out on him “I am not stupid, I am a million dollar woman with a child and responsibilities” she said claiming she just wanted to hand the information over to the police.

Under her IG post, fellow rapper and Rythm & Flow castmate T.I offered up advice. “Take this down Sis,” he said, as others reposted the photo in an attempt to identify the stranger.

This is not the first time the WAP singer turned to social media to help identify a criminal suspect. Back in October, she offered another 10 thousand dollar reward to anyone who could assist in locating the person responsible for throwing acid on an innocent woman’s face while she walked down the street. 

To be frank, better leave this kind of work to the police, just to avoid any potential dangers to Cardi, members of the public, or even this man who could be innocent who knows.

Seriousness aside, fans online couldn’t help themselves from joking around; asking all their bald white friends to claim they are this man so they can split the reward.

Twitter users also suggested this man looks a lot like current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White and reposted a screenshot of his Instagram profile.

Cardi replied:

In an effort to avoid a potential trial by media, it is good Cardi B took it down. To be honest, she often does post stuff she shouldn’t post in the middle of the night. Watch that space.

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