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Kim Kardashian Paris robber on “Book Tour”- appearing on French Talk Shows.

“We didn’t choose Kim Kardashian, we choose that diamond”

The robbery in itself is shocking and understandably traumatising for those that lived it, BUT did you know Yunice Abbas wrote a book about that evening called “J’ai séquestré Kim Kardashian” (I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian) and is now doing some sort of “book tour” on French television talk shows? WHAT?

Yunice Abbas was one of 12 people arrested for the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian West in the early morning hours of October 3 2016. It was the biggest robbery of an individual in France in two decades, with the thieves making off with a combined haul worth about 9 million euros. Most of the pieces of jewellery taken were never found, police only found a diamond encrusted cross that Abbas dropped while fleeing the scene on his bike.

Abbas is one of five men (all between the ages of 62 and 72) that actually entered the private residence where the Kardashian’s were staying at 2:30 am with weapons. They threatened the night watchman with a gun and demanded he let them in Kim’s private apartment. As we all know one of the men tied her up with plastic cables and adhesive tape, and placed her in the bathtub.

Abbas and his accomplices were arrested three months after the crime was committed. Abbas was jailed for 22 months after the heist, but was released in 2018 to undergo surgery. The trial has not officially began but prosecutors are hopefully it will begin this year. As his book’s title makes clear Abbas, 67, has no plans to contest the charges.

Yunice Abbas, one of five men who robbed US media personality Kim Kardashian at her hotel in Paris in 2016, poses during a photo session in Paris on January 28, 2021. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP)

I mean he even did a photo shoot for his book, WHAT?!

As you can imagine his book tells his version of the events that happened that night. Firstly Abbas’ criminal records dates back to the 80s. He has spent a combined 21 years in jail throughout his life, but he told AFP that he’d been “crime free” for 9 years before the opportunity to rob millions of euros from Kim Kardashian came along.

Abbas was invited on a very famous french talk show called “Touche Pas a mon Poste” hosted by TV superstar Cyril Hanouna. This show is watched by millions of viewers in France. I just wonder HOW are we giving publicity to this criminal? I understand it is very good for ratings (even I watched it) but morally is this correct?

On the other hand Netflix is filled with documentaries about real-life serial killers so I guess ratings before morals, alright moving on.

Abbas said he was not aware who Kim Kardashian was at all, but vaguely knew Kanye West. He was approached by old acquaintances who asked him to be involved in a heist in which they’d be a minimum of 4 million euros worth of jewellery to steal, so he jumped at the occasion.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star frequently posted photos of her engagement ring on social media prior to the robbery.

They had an informant following Kim and her team, this is how they knew she was alone at the time of the robbery.

Interestingly enough, he says that cameras are usually off in these luxury residences because celebrities and politicians stay there often. In order to maintain their privacy, cameras are unplugged. Abbas said he was in charge of staying downstairs to keep guard and to act as a receptionist in case someone entered the residence while the heist was taking place, so he was never in the same room as Kim Kardashian. 5 robbers entered the residence, and only 3 went up to Kim’s room.

After his accomplices were done in Kim’s room, they came down with bags filled with her jewellery. He says his bag wasn’t sealed properly, so as he was driving away on a bicycle that apparently had a burst tire, he dropped a necklace. The police claim his DNA was found on this necklace but he says this is not possible as he never touched it.

As they reached their meeting point miles away from the crime scene, they got into a car to drive away as far as possible. This is when they heard a phone ringing in one of the bags, and they realised they were also in possession of the reality star’s cell phone.

The rest of the jewels have never been found and Abbas swears they will never be found.

He asks Kim Kardashian for forgiveness and says he is sorry for what he did. But he also said if she does not wish to forgive him, he understand and will live with it. He recognises that he made a huge mistake.

Now, obviously he is trying to make money off of this crime he committed, but rest assured he will not.

The lawyers, Henri de Beauregard and Mohand Ouidja, said they had on Tuesday obtained a court order “authorising the seizure of rights” on the sales of his book which was published at the beginning of the month.

They represent the night watchman at the luxury residence Kardashian rented while she attended Paris Fashion Week in 2016.

The security guard, who is now a self-financing student at the Sorbonne university in Paris, was ‘neutralised by several people at gunpoint’.

Seizing the rights to the sale of the book means that Abbas won’t be able to profit from the publication, they added. The royalties will be sequestered “until the day they can be handed over to our client” in compensation for the damage suffered, said de Beauregard, stressing that his client had sustained psychological consequences as a result of the armed robbery.

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