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Back in November 2020, Sia released “Hey Boy” as part of the soundtrack of her directorial debut film “Music”. And now, she has hyped up the movie even more by releasing a remix of the song featuring Grammy nominated Afro-beats star Burna Boy. The track, along with the animated video dropped on January 14th 2021, and the movie is set for release in February 2021.

Talk about a “Cheap Thrill!”. Sia released the remix of “Hey Boy”, which was her first single off of her eight studio album “Music – songs from and inspired by the Motion Picture” released back in November 2020. The album, along with the movie “Music”, are set for release on February 12th 2021. “Hey Boy” was written by Sia with Jesse Shatkin and Kamille and produced by Jesse Shatkin.

In a genius move, Sia collaborated with an artist from a completely different, yet very popular genre, Afrobeats superstar from Nigeria Burna Boy.

On January 14, Sia dropped the remixed track, along with the animated music video. Many videos produced in the last year have been animated because of the ongoing global pandemic, but it works well for Sia who is notorious for her dedication to anonymity.

The video starts off with a very sexy, cleavage bearing, cabaret singer (presumably Sia as she dons the popstar’s signature wig and ribbon). This is interesting because since she’s burst onto the popular music scene, Sia has never portrayed herself as a sexual artist. But in this video, obviously inspired by animation’s sex symbol Jessica Rabbit, her character’s mannerisms and wardrobe is very sexual.

The cabaret’s audience is animals who act like humans. She performs the song as “the boy”, a wolf with heart eyes, sees her and follows her. Here starts a sequence of hypnotising animated visuals.

Burna Boy’s verse comes in just past the two minute mark of the song. His character is an animated dog-like creature, dressed in a tiger-patterned jacket and a bling necklace with his artist name on it.  It is new to hear him sing on top of a pop, slightly electronic beat. The bringing together of the two genres is good for both artists commercially, but as far as Burna Boy’s voice’s adaptability, it might take a while to get used to his voice on a electro-pop track.

Burna Boy is nominated a second time in the Grammys category  “Best World Album” for his recently released studio album “Twice as Tall”. The Nigerian star has never shied away from international collaborations, and this is his second one this year after “My Oasis” with Sam Smith.

Sia has said she has been working on her directorial debut movie “Music”, for which she has written the 14 track soundtrack. The story revolves around a female character named Music, played by Kate Hudson. She describes the songs as being an integral part of the film’s sequences

In an announcement, the film is described as “a wholly original exploration of the healing power of love and the importance of community. Sia’s music is integral to the story of the film as the characters examine the fragile bonds that hold us together and, through fantastical musical sequences, imagine a world where those bonds can be strengthened in times of great challenge.”

It will be released in February 2021.

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