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Veteran US talk show host Larry King has died at the age of 87. King achieved worldwide fame for interviewing political leaders and celebrities. It is estimated that he has conducted more than 50 000 interviews throughout his career,  which included 25 years as host of the popular CNN talk show Larry King Live. He welcomed everyone from the Dalai Lama to Elizabeth Taylor, from Mikhail Gorbachev to Barack Obama, Bill Gates to Lady Gaga.

He died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to Ora Media, a production company he co-founded. No cause of death was given, but it was reported that he had been admitted to hospital after contracting COVID 19 in the beginning of January.

“For 63 years and across the platforms of radio, television and digital media, Larry’s many thousands of interviews, awards, and global acclaim stand as a testament to his unique and lasting talent as a broadcaster,” Ora Media said in a statement.

Larry King was born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger in Brooklyn, New York, in 1933.

In 1985 he launched Larry King Live on CNN. The programme, broadcast around the world, was a success with audiences and earned him a number of awards.

He was known for getting guests who were notoriously elusive. Frank Sinatra, who rarely gave interviews and often lashed out at reporters, spoke to King in 1988 in what would be the singer’s last major TV appearance. Sinatra was an old friend of King’s and acted accordingly.

King had never met Marlon Brando, who was even tougher to get and tougher to interview, when the acting giant asked to appear on King’s show in 1994. The two hit it off so famously they ended their 90-minute talk with a song and an on-the-mouth kiss, an image that was all over media in subsequent weeks.

He ended his show at CNN with an emotional goodbye.

King was married eight times to seven women and had five children. Two of them died last year within weeks of each other, his daughter Chaia died from lung cancer and his son Andy of a heart attack.

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