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In a rare appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, reality TV star and video vixen Blac Chyna confirmed that she receives NO child support from exes Robert Kardashian and Tyga. But she claims she does not hold anything against her famous exes, and does not view this fact as a negative when it comes to co-parenting.

As she explained to Wendy, “If they’re doing their part on their end and I’m doing my part on my end, that’s perfectly fine and that’s co-parenting.”

The The Real Blac Chyna star shares an 8 year old son King Cairo with rapper Tyga, and a 4 year old daughter Dream with Kris Jenner’s only son.

When asked how co-parenting is going with Rob, Chyna had a positive attitude; “It’s doing good. It’s doing well,” she told Wendy Williams. ” He sent a really pretty heart bouquet for Dream on Valentine’s day. Everything’s good. We’re in a positive space.”

But when Wendy followed up asking if she would ever get back together with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Chyna replied, “No.” 

Last March, sources close to Rob and Chyna told TMZ the former couple had agreed on a final custody agreement for their daughter Dream.

They have 50/50 custody, but Rob will apparently has his daughter for more time, the outlet reported.

That agreement also reportedly dissolved Rob’s obligation to pay Chyna child support, which totalled $20 000 a month.

Instead, each parent will individually pay for their child’s needs when they are with them and school and medicals costs will be split in half.

“I work every day, and I bust my tail to make sure my kids are good, stable, a roof over their heads, activities of course and just everything.”

Back in September 2020 Chyna also claimed neither Rob nor Tyga pays child support during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation.

She said: “My biggest flex? I mean, just honestly taking care of my kids by myself as a single parent, but no child support.

But Tyga does not want people to think of him as a deadbeat dad; “Tyga is frustrated and upset that, because of Chyna’s big mouth, people think he is a deadbeat dad. Tyga doesn’t pay child support because Blac never asked him to and never took him to court over it.” a source told HollywoodLife.

“King has always been taken care of and always had all his needs met by both Tyga and Chyna.”

As for life as a single mom during quarantine, Chyna said that things are going well with her children; “They’re doing really good, we’re just in quarantine and relaxing really. For the most part, we just chill in the house, eating, painting, games.”

For the record, I just want to remind you that Tyga also seriously dated Rob Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie Jenner, sparking the weirdest celebrity couples match-up in recent pop culture memory.

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